Lewes (@2.4) vs Bowers & Pitsea (@2.4)

Our Prediction:

Bowers & Pitsea will win

Lewes – Bowers & Pitsea Match Prediction | 22-09-2019 10:00

On that subject, thank you to everyonewho continues to contribute to the fund in any way. We certainly feel that there are no teams in thisdivision that we fear nor is there anyone who appears to be throwingsilly/serious (delete as you feel appropriate on whether it is sustainable forthe Non-League game) money at it as we continue to see in some of the otherdivisions. Yet, we are ambitious and work very closely with Darren and his teamto identify players that will enhance our squad, but we will always work withinour budget and the 12th Man Fund. Obviously it is early days, and some of the results from thefirst two games are surprising as teams find their feet with new squads,management and tactics.

There was still time, however, for some controversy. We would say it was closer to 60/40 in Stefans favour, so no-one should blame him for going for it. Stefan had already been booked for an innocuous foul when he stretched for a ball that the keeper was diving for. And we reckon he got to the ball first. A tap in after a good save by Nathan. Some would say it was a 50/50 ball. It was no great surprise when they went one up after fifteen minutes. Lewes never really got going in the first half and Worthing dominated. Worthing continued to be on top and extended their lead just before half time.

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When did we last meetMargate?Last season we travelled down to Hartsdown Park in early September and cameaway with a 1-0 thanks to a smart headed goal by James Hammond. In the return fixture at the Pan in Decemberwas washed out after just 23 minutes with the scores at 0-0. In the re-arranged fixture in late January, therewas no break in the deadlock although with the game entering injury time, TheRooks were awarded a penalty when George Tuson-Firth was fouled by the Margatekeeper. Jonte Smith stepped up but hisspot-kick was saved, turning out to be his last kick in a Lewes shirt beforehis move to Oxford United.

About Hartsdown ParkHartsdown Park is still a work in progress.I know I also wrote that three years ago before we last visited. This ispartly due to the fact that the last decade some of the ground (including theMain Stand and terracing) have been demolished in preparation for the buildingof new structures, but due to off the field changes in the boom and busteconomy of Non-League football, the promised new stands have failed tomaterialise.

We reflected on the game. Some terrible refereeing and some disappointing gamesmanship from the home players in helping getting players booked and sent off. We will be back: The Jolly Stodgebusters Outing to Margate. Not great, but hopefully we could get up and running properly at the weekend versus Bowers and Pitsea. One point from two games. Worthing ended up 3-1 winners. But it wasnt to be. A poor first half with some poor defending against a good Worthing team.


But we dont intend to sit on our laurels. Listening to feedback from all fans, especially you guys, is how we follow a process of constant improvement. Thats why we have made the significant changes to the look, feel and operation of the Rook Inn, our new amazing Pie, Mash and Mushy Peas hatch, card-tap machines around the ground and the introduction of new bio-degradable cups. We dont intend to stop there and having such an expert as Steve Keegan now on board, we are already in the planning stage of the next phase of improvements.

As wedream of a trip to Wembley we can also be comforted by the fact that after theSixth Round, any previous cautions are wiped from the record. The good news is that the FA have changed the rules and forthis season. In both the FA Cup and Trophy a player will need to accumulatefour cautions before he is suspended from the next relevant cup game.

By the time we had overcomeFarnborough we then faced two games against Kings Langley and then a home tieagainst Merthyr Town before being drawn at Bath City, our 8th gamein the competition. The ridiculous situation was thatafter picking up his second competition yellow in the game against MerthyrTown, Hammo could have deliberately got a red and then missed the league gameagainst Haringey Borough, but then been available for the lucrative Bath Citygame. Unfortunately, we picked up suspensions for two yellowcards for that game, with first team players James Hammond, Leon Redwood andNico Cotton all unavailable due to the rule.

Bowers & Pitsea Stats

But whilst these material changes are important, it is the constant attitude of our volunteers and match day staff who want to go over and above for the benefit of the club. Whether it be the pitch team preparing a superb playing surface, our food and drink options, including new vegan menu items and of course the sporting nature of our fans.

But its goals that win gamesand we need to work on that. I think few would have said we didnt deserve our equaliserlast week against a strong Enfield Town side. Our new match analysis softwarebacked up the fact we dominated the game, with over 60% possession, more passescomplete and more shots on goal than our opponents. As a new feature in our progcasts, we will providesome stats from our previous games so you can see for yourselves on ourprevious games and the season to date.

We feared the worst and sure enough Stefan got a second yellow for what wasnt even a foul in our opinion. Whether the mobbing of the referee had an effect on his decision is debatable but it didnt help us. Not unexpectedly the Worthing players all screamed blue murder and surrounded the referee, who had already not covered himself in glory by being very inconsistent with his yellow card. We, along with most Lewes supporters were outraged.

FA Cup

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure in accepting an award from the Football Supporters Association on behalf of the club for the best away day experience at the whole of Step 3 in the Non-League game. There are currently 88 clubs at Step 3, so to receive such an accolade is a real honour for every single person who contributes not only on a match day but also the hard preparation that goes into it.

It used to be the case that the sole reason behind that was that they were almost guaranteed three points but under Darren, Ross and Codges stewardship, it has become more of an off the field thing. Weve also seen over the last few weeks from fellow Isthmian League Premier clubs season previews on the Leagues website that 16 of the 21 clubs (ourselves included) rate Lewes as one, if not the best, away game they are looking forward to this season.

These contain the team dressing rooms and the team dugouts are located out front. To eithersideof this small temporarystructure are flat standing areas that are uncovered. They are situated either side of the half way and are all seated and covered. The remaining Tivoli Park End (known locally as the Coffin End), has a very small covered terrace that is located directlybehind the goal. However, they are quite small being only four rows high. The opposite side is dominated by portacabin-type structures that are located in the middle with some flat standing areas on either side. At the Hartsdown Road End is the only structure remaining from the old ground. This is quite unusual looking, as although it has a few steps of open terrace at the front, behind it has an enclosed small covered terrace, which is sandwiched between the Clubhouse bar and other club buildings. If you stand on this terrace then to your left are a couple of temporary stands. During 2017 a new artificial 3G pitch was installed at the ground.