Miskolci Jegesmedvek (@2.7) vs HC Kosice (@2.25)

Our Prediction:

HC Kosice will win

Miskolci Jegesmedvek – HC Kosice Match Prediction | 17-11-2019 11:30

(the Vice-Rector for Education UVLF), Ing. Memorandumwas signed by: Ing. RNDr. Jaroslav Porubn, PhD. Jlius Lang(the President of HC Koice), Mgr. Norbert Koch, (the Executive Director of HC Koice), Ing. (the Vice-Rector for Development and External RelationsTUKE), prof. Pavol Sovk, CSc., (the Rector of UPJ), MVDr. Jakub Pala (the President of the Student University Council TUKE). Martin Tomko, PhD.

Hockey clappers are either given out in front of individual sectors, or are ready to be taken by fans on the spot. Hockey clappers are a fancy and effective means of advertising, which entertains the spectators. Interactive element (spectators are cheered to use the clappers) adds a special aspect to this product. One side has a content defined by the club. The other side is specified by the client.

Despite the fact that both teams preferred defensive hockey during the match opening minutes, the spectators seemed to enjoy it. He found the best striking position and overcame our goalie at ease. Therefore, we had to wait for a riskier shot on goal until 7th minute, when Dud fired a slap shot from the blue line. So, we didn't take the lead before the break, and the score remained 1:1. That is to say, that both defenses were having a hard time saving shots from more offensive forwards, as the puck moved from one side of the rink to the other very quickly. However, the Mikovecs joy didn't take too long. At the beginning of the 20th minute, the same player was trying to push Spilar forward at the boards, but his attempt was stopped by Duschek, who reflexively threw the puck back to game. Despite of waving the net, the puck did not get in, and the score remained the same. It all changed in the 14th minute after the Steelers' mistake, when Vincze got too much space while facing kovrnok. Only 36 seconds later (14:17), Ladislav Nagy scored a goal to even the score.

Given match contains client's name in the match invitations, such as the Ness Hockey Day. Advertising package contains: clapper with partner's logo 4000ks, TopShot 20 T-shirts, contest, cube advertisement. Hockey day is an exclusive product, offering the partners to take over the advertising of a particular game. Program and means of presentation may be supplied by individual requirements. These must be consulted with the club marketing employee.


Tied score lasted up to 58th minute, until Vas scored for the visitors. One of them turned up for olts, when he was standing in Duschek's light, but the goalie finally looked the right direction and performed a chest save. But the match continued and brought rather defensive game. Koice took it in their stride and scored an equalizer. We outscored Mikovec 4:2. The number of chances was very low. On the other side of the rink, Somogyi could take the chance of Mikovec's 2 on 1 outnumbering, but luckily for us, he did not succeed. The aim of the 3rd period was clear for both teams - take the lead as soon as possible and boost self-esteem in the battle over 3 points. olts scored a game-winning goal in the final minute and only 3 seconds before the end of the game, Kafka sealed our victory. Surprisingly, this was not the end. Pulli fired from the blue line and Suja tipped his shot.

Despite stunning David Duschek, Netk didn't score as the puck was stopped by the net construction, and the Steelers didn't take the lead. Despite getting a pass right in front of the goal-field, neither Miskolczi was successful as he found himself way too close to collect the puck on his stick, and it slipped out against the boards. The middle period brought extremely defensive play with minimum chances on both sides. The second period didn't bring goals, and the players left the ice with even score 1:1. The biggest chance was in hands of Tom Netk for Koice, as he was awarded a penalty shot.

I believe that the cooperation between the mentioned institutions and signing this Memorandum will create many opportunities to promote sports among university students. Jakub Pala (Student President of the University Council TUKE) expressed his opinion: "I hope that the cooperation between the three universities and the hockey club HC Koice will bring along some other interesting events where we will meet as we met here today, at this press conference. In the name of students, Ing.

Ing. On our part, we will do everything we can to thank our partners and to make long-term partnerships from which all of the parties will benefit from. Of course, the management of HC Koice welcomes the cooperation with universities. Through these common activities, we will be able to approach more than 17,000 students and hundreds of teachers. Jlius Lang (the President of HC Koice): "We are incredibly happy that our well-known institutions of the community of Koice accepted our offer to cooperate. I believe that these young people will find their way to the Arena and will support us.

It may be connected to "ice cleaning". HC Koice players may be wearing dresses supplied by the client. Cleaning may be carried out by young HC Koice players, or by clubs own employees (hostesses, a mascot etc.). PowerBreak is an advertising break (once per period), during which an advertising spot may be projected. During ice-cleaning, the moderator reads client's content from the cube "PowerBreak brings you....